2012 Cheyenne Mountain Stampede Results

5A Varsity Girls

Victory Racing Company timed the CM Stampede two mile mark via a direct WIFI connection to the controller that sent data back to a separate scoring computer located inside the stadium.  During the CM Stampede VRC was actually scoring two races, the 2 mile and a  5k were treated as two entirely different race.  VRC was able to score the race at the two mile mark and announce the leading teams before the race was completed. VRC has the capability to run splits at any point in the race and we look forward to adding more splits to next years race. 

Coaches, please be advised that we did not have an official at this marker and therefore could not ensure all runners crossed the timing mats with the proper placement of the scoring chip.  We will not make any changes to our two mile results as they are provided to only give you some unoffical data that you may or may not use as a coaching tool.  Please be advised that the intent of this split was to bring some excitement back into the stadium from a point on our course that is the furthest away from the stadium.  There are some reads from runners that were out on the course warming up and ran over our mats--disregard.  We did not bother to pull them out, as this split is not official and was never intended to be an official split or result.

2M Over Flow Boys

2M Over Flow Girls

2M 2A/3A Boys

2M 2A/3A Girls

2M 4A Division 1 Boys

2M 4A Division 1 Girls

2M 4A Division 2 Boys

2M 4A Division 2 Girls

2M 5A Boys

2M 5A Girls