Midsummer Night's DREAM MILE

Saturday, Aug 4, 2012
Want to see how fast you can run one mile? Want to run with other people trying for the same time as you? Just want to run a mile under the stadium lights, on a cool summer's night?

Come one, come all to run a mile on the Cheyenne Mountain High School Track.

The races are open to all ages

We also offer a free kiddie quarter-mile for runners under 6 years old. Fun for the whole family!

We have pacers helping in each race.

We will have heats based on goal finish time as follows::

unpaced mile (this is great for people who just want to run a mile and don’t think they will break 10 minutes)
sub 10 minute mile
sub 9 minute mile
sub 8 minute mile
sub 7 minute mile
sub 6 minute mile
sub 5 minute mile
sub 4 minute mile
So figure out how fast you think you can run a mile, and that’s the race you will be in. Think you can break 8 minutes? Then run in the sub-8 heat. Everyone in that race will be trying to break 8 with you. What can be more fun than that?!

$15.00 Pre-Race
(Before July 16th)

$20.00 Race Day
Pre-Race Starts @ 4 PM
Post-Race: BBQ, Music,
Refreshments, & Fun!!
* Bring your race spikes
for a fast mile at our
The Race will be seeded
on the Day of the Meet
Top 3 Overall Men
Top 3 Overall Women
Winners of each
Age Group Category
Ages: 9 and under, 10-13, H.S., 18-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49,50-59, 60+