Rocky Mountain Hill & Bale


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Did you run high school cross country and now miss it?
Did you miss high school cross country and wish you had joined?
Are you anticipating (k-8) high school cross country and want to start early?
Are you in high school cross country and can't get enough?
Are you looking for a new experience?
The Europeans run adult and youth cross-country races often.  This sport is close to a national past time in some European and African countries.  The Rocky Mountain Hill and Bale will attempt to bring that same love of running to everyone (children, teenagers and adults) here in the Colorado area.  The RMH&B will be an event that celebrates all the greatness that comes with cross country running--team, challenging course/obstacles and friendly competition. 

This race will be a European style cross country race.  The European cross-county race scene is famous for challenging courses with hills, hay bales, mud and obstacles.  Runners can race as teams or individuals.  The name of the event gives away some of the course features, but expect more!  The Silver Moon Cross Country Course, on the grounds of Cheyenne Mountain High School, is scenic and challenging. The nice part about cross-country is that you will be competing against individuals and the course itself--add a few obstacles and your sure to walk away with much to talk about.
The racing age will begin with students entering Kindergarten and end with runners going into 8th grade. Race lengths of 1/4mi, 3/4mi and 1mi will help our younger runners enjoy running over obstacles and navigating other features and downplay the fitness aspect.  Your kids are sure to smile while getting dirty and jumping bales of hay, as they learn true cross-country.  Our goal is to provide the younger runners with a true cross country experience that is both challenging (rewarding) and fun.  We will not have a team division in this category. 
The adult and high school races will be two miles in length, and this category will include teams that will be comprised of four to six runners (run six, score four).  Individuals are encouraged to race, as we will break out both team and individual awards. 

Each team enters a set number of runners (for example in the RMH&B, we will race with six runners per team).  As each runner finishes the race, they are given a number according to what place they finish and that number is their score for the team. For instance, if you finish 1st, you have a score of 1 point. If you finish 50th, you have scored 50 for your team.  The object is to have the LOWEST TEAM SCORE.

RUN_______, Score__________ refers to the total number of runners allowed for team and the scoring number allowed per team, as set by the race director. In RMH&B team race, the first four runners (doesn't matter which runners, just the first four that finish) are counted toward the team's total score.  A team may consist of just four runners.  If the first four runners of your team place 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 15th, then the team's score is 34 (which is relatively low in a competitive race). So, the LOWER YOUR SCORE, the better.

Here is the cool part about cross-country. The other two team runners (who come in after the first four runners on the team) do not count toward their team's score, but they can still help their team by making another team's score higher. If the fifth runner comes in before some of the first four from another team, then the other team's score becomes higher because their runners have larger finishing scores. Remember, you want your score to be low.  In the sport of cross-country, these runners are known as dis-placers.

A sweep is where the first five runners come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, giving them the lowest score possible of 10. 

Note:  a typical high school cross country race, runs 7 and scores 5.  Some states run nine score five.   So, for the RMH&B 2012 edition, we have decided to have two division and run six score four.



 5:00 PM Grades k-1-2 1/4 mile
 5:15 PM Grades 3-4-5 3/4 mile
 5:30 PM Grades 6-7-8 1 mile
 6:00 PM High School Female (all grades) 2 mile
 6:30 PM  High School Males (all grades) 2 mile
 7:00 PM

 Adult Female (19 years of age &  over)

 2 mile
 7:30 PM Adult Male (19 years of age & over) 2 mile

Stadium, under the lights


Race fee:

Adult & High School: $20 individual, $80 per team (two entries free).  T-shirt included

K-8th grade:  $15  T-shirt included



K-8: Everyone receives a participation award & top 3 males and females in each grade.

High School: Top ten finishers male and female & top three male teams and top three female teams 

Adults: Top 3 teams and top five individuals & top five masters (over 40)