LOCATED IN SARASOTA FLORIDA

About Us

Although we chip time a variety of running events, we specialize in timing high school cross country races. As former school counselors and coaches, we understand the unique demands placed on high school coaches and athletic directors. We are a husband and wife timing team that have been developing, directing and timing events in Colorado for twenty five years.

In 2011, we created and hosted the Colorado Pre-State Cross Country Meet, which turned into the largest cross country race in Colorado; hosting anywhere from 80 to 100 teams annually! Besides organizing and timing this massive event, we also worked on other invitationals and regional high school cross country championship meets. 

We have coached state champion individuals and teams, a Nike SW Regional Champion Team and a Runner-Up National XC Team - we share this information to let you know that we understand the workings of cross country events inside and out!

Now retired from teaching and coaching, our passion for the sport is still very much alive and we intend to stay connected to the sports by offering efficient and competent timing services in a helpful manner. 

  Notable Meets Timed:

Why Hire Us?

- We work with coaches when roster submission are due (we let you get back to teaching,  coaching  and running an athletic program).

-We problem solve at the event (we understand high school kids will be high school kids).

-We keep it simple so the event runs on time and results are posted ASAP.

-We know how to handle parent situations at the finishing chute and keep everyone happy!

-We work well with officials.

-We offer free course input to potential problems/solutions if requested.

-We meet in person at the xc course with the race directors before the race if requested to go over the "game plan".

-We score races and present accurate results so you can leave the venue at a reasonable time!

-Our video back-up allows us to review disputes presented by coaches /officials and we treat all our costumers in a calm and respectful manner.  Our background in school counseling and coaching brings a unique skillset to the world of chip timing! 

-We are track and cross country fans, we enjoy what we do!




-Chip timing results for cross country and road races.

-Online registration.

-Cross country individual and team results. 

-Flexibility in scoring races with unique situation or rules.

-Finish line timing mats.

-Finish line arch.

-Finish line clock.

-Cross country team packets prepared with chips, bibs, pins and race information.

-Staffed packet pick-up.

-Presentation at coaches meeting regarding timing and procedures.

-Roster submission and coach support. 

-Pre race roster reports to the race director as needed.

-Back up camera.

-Finish line chute.